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We are your local epoxy and concrete flooring experts in Southold, providing a wide range of epoxy coatings, decorative concrete, and concrete resurfacing services for homes, businesses, and industrial facilities. Whether you’re looking for a new pool deck, epoxy garage floor, or polished concrete, Infinity Epoxy Floors are here to help.

Our well-trained team are fully insured and licensed to carry out epoxy floor installations in Southold, using their decades of combined experience to ensure that your flooring installation is as seamless as possible. We only use the highest-quality tools and epoxy coatings, so you can rest assured that your new floor will be extremely robust.

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Epoxy Flooring In Southold, NY 

Strong Epoxy Floors For Your Garage

Whether it’s your home’s garage floor, a restaurant’s dining area, or a warehouse’s floor space, our epoxy floor coatings are second to none, ensuring that your space is durable, well-protected, and easy to clean. We provide a wide range of colorful epoxy floor coatings, from high-gloss metallic finishes to affordable color flake designs.

You can even get text or a business logo on the floor!

Our garage epoxy floors are easy to clean, lasting 10-20 years or more on average. Because they don’t harbor bacteria or dirt, these floors are perfect for premises where cleanliness and hygiene are important. Epoxy resin resists chemical spills, oil, traffic, and dropped tools – it’s perfect for your garage, especially if you’re into DIY.

Industrial & Commercial Flooring

Here at Infinity Epoxy, we provide epoxy and concrete coating flooring services for commercial and industrial clients including restaurants, retail spaces, hospitals and warehouses. We work with all clients across various industries and spaces, so you can guarantee we’ve got the perfect flooring solution for your business’s unique needs.

From polished concrete to metallic epoxy – we do it all!

Whether you’re looking for epoxy, stamped concrete, pavers, or anything else, our team of professional epoxy flooring experts in 11944 are here to help. We complete all of our projects as quickly as possible while paying meticulous attention to the details, ensuring the best future experience for your customers, clients, and employees.

Basement Concrete Coatings

If your concrete basement is looking a little cracked, old and tired, maybe it’s time to consider decorative concrete coatings! These overlays are a cost-effective way to replace existing concrete, making it easier than ever to give your basement a brand new look without having to make any major structural changes.

Replacing concrete entirely is a big task, believe us!

Here at Infinity Epoxy Floors, our New York team can provide a large selection of decorative concrete coatings, such as stamped concrete which is designed to mimic the look of expensive natural stone and tiles. Resistant to moisture, cleaning chemicals, and dropped objects, your basement could be totally reinvented with our decorative concrete coatings.

Why choose Infinity Epoxy Floors for your concrete flooring project?

So, why choose us for your epoxy or concrete flooring job? There are many reasons that you should hire us for epoxy flooring in Southold, but here are a few:



We charge affordable rates for all of our services, helping to bring affordable epoxy flooring solutions to those who need them. Whether you need an epoxy floor garage or stamped concrete pool deck, our rates are low.

Every one of the IEF team is fully trained and very professional throughout the process, making sure that the project is seamless from start to finish. We pay very close attention to detail at all times.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Fully Licensed & Insured

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do, striving to meet your specific needs and desires for every project. From the color of your epoxy to the design of your decorative concrete, we’re always there to help.

Infinity Epoxy Floors is fully trained, licensed, and insured to install epoxy floors and concrete coatings in Southold, so you can rest assured that everything will be fine and we always have a backup plan ready to go.

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Exploring The Town Of Southold With Infinity Epoxy

The beautiful town of Southold lies in Suffolk County. Defined by its beautiful beaches and amazing infrastructure, this town attracts many people from all of the United States. A lot of the people think about this place as a good city to retire to because of its vibe and the sense of security. And homeliness that you get in Southold is something everybody can appreciate about this city. The tranquil beaches and vineyards offer the people to rest their minds and for children to have the times of their lives. The beautiful woodsy trails that have no destinations and often makes you discover some new serene beach which just uplifts the mood and never lets you get bored of the city and its vibe. For an adventurer and a person who wants to keep discovering and uncover what beauty nature has to offer, Southold is a dream from them.

Town of Southold

Like it’s neighboring town of Shelter Island, Southold is considered a small town with a population of only 6k. The centuries old beautiful houses depict a history in their own way but many people choose to update them with the modern times and use the services of companies like Infinity Epoxy Floors. Our three dimensional epoxy flooring designs are outstanding and not just this they offer multiple services like garage epoxy coating and concrete resurfacing. The skilled experts of the company completely transform the house and improve the aesthetics of the house.

The city of Southold has a history that dates back to the 17th century. At that time, the land belonged to the Algonquian speaking tribes however, after the arrival of the colonists most of this land was by these native American tribes like the Lenape nation. The Dutch first settled and established the Fort Orange. However, English Protestants from New Haven colony first settled in Southold and aimed to make the city a theocracy. This settlement on Southold is considered as the first ever English settlement on Long Island but things did not look good between the Dutch and English settlers so the treaty of Hartford was signed which established a boundary between the Dutch and English lands.

The English got to the eastern side of the Long Island and developed ports and whaling industries. Greenport was one such famous port which used to be open year round because the water never froze. The eastern cities were then made part of New York province after English took the New York territories from the Dutch. The agricultural area was used for potato farming but then in the late 20th century, much of this was transformed into vineyards which are to this day visited by a lot of people.

Like Fire Island, the town is blessed with tranquil beaches but beaches are not the only thing that this town has. Along with tranquil beaches there are a lot of other tourist attractions present on the island such as the Orient State Beach Park. This is perhaps one of the most visited state parks in the city because of the fun activities that can be done there. The park has a bay frontage, playgrounds, hiking trails and biking facilities available. This attracts a lot of people not just from the city but also from the entire Long Island the food and picnic places here are one of a kind. Along with natural hanging out spots Horton point lighthouse is another place where people go and visit the museum where drawings of famous artists like Robert Berks, Walt Whitman who lived in Southold have been featured. The not only offers a rich culture but also amazing education facilities and infrastructure to support everything which make it worth visiting once.

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