Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is often used in commercial and residential premises when a concrete surface has become cracked, worn, or unsafe. The concrete surface might be a tripping hazard, unhygienic, or just not pleasant to look at.

Here’s where concrete resurfacing can help!

Whether it’s a patio, pool deck, factory floor, driveway, or any other old concrete surface, resurfacing is a great way to repair damage and improve your concrete’s appearance without spending too much money or time on the project.

So, if you’re seeing cracks in the surface of your concrete, get in touch with Infinity Epoxy today!

What is concrete resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing is when a thin layer of cement-based material is placed over the top of your existing concrete surface. This is called a “micro topping”. The micro topping is a self-leveling system that’s designed to automatically fill in the holes and cracking of your old surface, drying to produce a new flat surface. It’s a simple yet effective process! As well as making your old pool deck or driveway look as good as new again, the resurfacing material can prepare your floor for additional coats and changes, such as a concrete coating or epoxy coating that improves your property’s curb appeal or makes your premises safer.

Residential concrete resurfacing

Here at Infinity Epoxy, our concrete resurfacers can resurface many concrete surfaces in your home, whether it’s your driveway, patio, pool deck, sidewalk, or anything else. When it’s time to resurface, concrete specialists like IEF are who you need to call. We offer competitive rates and our team of professional contractors has decades of combined experience in resurfacing projects.

Commercial concrete resurfacing

Our team of specialists handles resurfacing projects for many commercial clients, including factories, schools, hospitals, fire stations, restaurants, retail spaces, and much more. If your existing concrete slab flooring is looking damaged and unsightly, speak to a member of the IEF team for a free estimate today. Resurfacing can save your business time and money when compared to major concrete replacements. We only use the best resurfacer concrete mixes in the industry!

How do you prepare for concrete resurfacing?

Surface preparation is a key part of the resurfacing process. You must make sure that the existing concrete is clean, with no loose debris, dirt, or pieces of concrete on the surface.

It’s often best to prepare the surface with a pressure washer beforehand to get rid of any debris and loose pieces. Some people also use soap and chemicals to clean the surface further after pressure washing, but this can affect the adhesion of the resurfacing material, so we don’t recommend it here at IEF.

If you properly prepare your concrete, resurfacer bonding agents will stick well and create a seamless new surface.

What is resurfacer for concrete made from?

The material used for concrete resurfacer is a cement-based compound mixed with bonding agents that help the new patio/driveway to adhere properly and set within 24 hours or less, ideally.

However, resurfaced concrete can be slippery when wet, which may be trouble if you’re dealing with an area like an outdoor sidewalk or a pool deck, where water is commonly found.

As such, you can also request that a nonslip additive be placed in the mixture. This helps to keep the new concrete grippy and stop people from slipping when it gets wet.

What are the benefits of resurfacing concrete?

Resurfacing concrete has many benefits, especially when compared to complete replacement projects which are expensive, difficult, and time-consuming at the best of times.

Some of the main benefits of concrete resurfacing include:

  • It’s easier than totally replacing the concrete
  • You improve the look
  • You get rid of dangerous and unsightly cracking
  • It’s much cheaper than replacements
  • You can add additional coats and layers like epoxy
  • Nonslip additives can be added for safety
  • You can improve waterproofing and moisture-resistance
  • It’s much easier to clean and maintain because it’s flat and uniform

There are many reasons that you might resurface – for the look, the safety aspect, or because you want to create a new epoxy floor. Whatever you’re going for with your resurfacing project, the team here at IEF can help!

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    Can you concrete over old concrete?

    Yes, but only if it’s in good condition. Resurfacing is designed to help disguise and repair minor cracking, damage, and blemishes in your concrete, making it look good as new.

    However, major cracks and structural damage cannot be repaired. If your driveway or patio has major structural damage, then you need to have the concrete replaced entirely. While this is expensive and time-consuming, IEF offers affordable rates and a highly experienced professional team of contractors who can handle the job!

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