Garage Floor Coating

Garage floors are subjected to so much stress, it’s easy for them to become cracked, brittle, and stained over time. Oil spills, cleaning chemicals, vehicle fluids, heavy traffic, dropped tools and poor conditions all add up to make your garage floor one of the most sensitive and damaged parts of your home.

However, a high-quality floor coating can help!

Garage floor coatings are durable, stylish, and resistant concrete coatings designed for your garage floor. These coatings have all the qualities than a good garage’s floor needs – they’re resistant to heat, foot/vehicle traffic, oil spills, chemical spills, and much more. This is especially true of epoxy garage flooring.

With IEF, you can get a garage floor coating that suits your aesthetic and needs, helping you to find something that works perfectly for your budget, home design, and how you use your garage. There are many different styles of coating, including epoxy garage floors, stamped concrete floors, polished concrete floors and more.

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What is the best garage floor coating?

There are many different types of garage floor coatings to consider depending on your needs, style, and budget constraints. Most people choose an epoxy floor for their garage due to its long lasting qualities and wide range of designs, though there are many unique and exciting garage floor coatings we provide.

Our most popular garage floor coatings include:

  • Garage epoxy floors
  • Stamped concrete designs
  • Polished concrete
  • Decorative concrete coatings
  • and more!
  • Epoxy Coating

For the garage floor, epoxy is the most commonly used material. This is due to epoxy’s resistance to heat, chemical spills, oil, mold/mildew, dropped objects and heavy traffic. In other words, it’s perfect for a garage floor, and it comes in many different colors and designs depending on your needs and taste.

The two most common garage epoxy floor designs are color flakes and metallic glossy finishes.

  • Color Flake Floors – these floors have a main color which is sprinkled with flakes of color throughout – this helps to disguise cracks, dirt, and any imperfections in the future. You commonly see this style of floor in supermarkets and public buildings because they help to hide dirt.
  • Metallic Epoxy Floors – this style of epoxy garage floor is designed using high-end products that produce a dazzling high-gloss shine. Multiple colors and designs can be incorporated into the floor coating, so it’s a great way to brighten up the space and give it some vibrance.

With the wide range of color/design options and anti-slip additives, it’s no wonder that garage flooring is often adorned with a floor epoxy coating of some kind.

Stamped Concrete

While epoxy floor top coat is the most popular coating, many people really like stamped concrete overlays. These overlays are perfect for people who don’t use their garage too much or who don’t do their own repairs and DIY in their garage.

Stamped concrete overlays are specially designed pieces of concrete designed to lay over the existing surface, leading to a very uniform and fresh appearance. These overlays can be colored and cut to look like natural stone, slate tiles, pavers patterns, and more.

There are so many chic designs!

It’s fair to say that stamped concrete is not as durable as epoxy floors. Garage flooring installers like Infinity Epoxy know this, so we’re careful to make recommendations that match your home’s design, your vision, your budget, and how you personally use your garage in your everyday life.

While stamped concrete is not the longest lasting of the garage floor coatings, it is certainly the prettiest. Often designed to replicate natural stones and tiles, there is an undeniable beauty to stamped concrete that artificial-looking epoxy just can’t beat despite its practical advantages.

Should you coat a garage floor?

Bare concrete alone is not very impervious to damage, mold, and chemical spills. If you’re worried about your garage floor and you want to keep it around for as long as possible, then it’s certainly a good idea to try a garage flooring top coat of some kind.

Here at IEF, we can help you to pick out the best products and materials for your new garage flooring coat, whether you’re going for epoxy, stamped concrete, or something more decorative. Here are some of the main reasons that you should coat a garage’s floor:

  • Mold & mildew resistance
  • Affordable ($3 to $15 per square foot)
  • Decorative style options
  • Numerous colors available
  • Resistant to oil, chemical, vehicle fluid stains
  • Heat-resistant (good for hot tires)
  • Non-toxic after install
  • Waterproof & moistureproof
  • Anti-slip additives
  • Protect the concrete underneath
  • It looks nicer!

So yes, there are many reasons why you should try a garage flooring top coat, whichever coating style you decide to go for. Your floor will be better protected, you’ll be less likely to slip on it, you can explore numerous color/design options, and it won’t even cost you that much money!

Garage Epoxy Floor

When it comes to coating your garage floor, epoxy is one of the most frequent design choices you will see. There are many different styles and types of garage floor epoxy coating, with vibrant and colorful designs containing metallic high-gloss resin, color flakes that hide dirt, and more.

Epoxy for floors is brilliant for hiding imperfections and dirt, especially if you go for a color flakes style. Color Flake epoxy flooring uses small flecks of color throughout the design to make scratches, dirt, cracks, spills, and imperfections harder to see. If you do a lot of work in your garage, this can be extremely helpful!

Metallic garage floor epoxy coating is also very popular.

This metallic style of garage flooring is designed to be bright, vibrant, glossy, and colorful – it’s not subtle. Often found in the garages and basements of wealthy people, this opulent style of garage flooring offers you practicality and style all rolled into one. You can customize colors and even add logos into the design of the floor too.

Is it worth it to epoxy a garage floor?

Yes! There are so many great reasons to epoxy a garage floor. For one, it can be done cheaply, costing $3 – $7 per square foot for cheap color flake styles and $11 to $15 per square foot for more intricate metallic glossy styles. There are various price points to suit your needs and your budget.

Second, epoxy floor coating is quick to install (assuming your concrete is in good condition) and can last for 10-20 years or more with proper care and maintenance. It’s also really easy to clean and take care of, just requiring regular sweeping and mopping when dirty.

No waxing or polishing required!

Furthermore, a garage is a hostile environment for a floor. There are automobile products, oil, chemicals, hot tires, exhaust fumes, heavy vehicles, and power tools which are easy to drop. With all these dangerous products and tools lying around, you need an epoxy floor that can withstand the everyday damage.

Some of the main reasons to epoxy your garage floor include:

  • Numerous styles, designs, color options
  • Hide dirt, cracks, and imperfections
  • Protect your concrete floor underneath
  • Resist mold, mildew, heat & moisture
  • Anti-bacteria growth
  • Resist staining from oil, chemicals, and auto products
  • Can withstand dropped tools and objects
  • Anti-slip additives can be added
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • 10-20 year lifespan with proper care
  • $3 to $15 per square foot (depending on style)

If you’re unsure whether or not to epoxy your garage floor, feel free to pick up the phone and speak to one of the Infinity Epoxy team today! They can advise you on your garage’s suitability, the best products for the project, and what you can expect in terms of price.

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    How long does epoxy last on a garage floor?

    If you properly care for your garage’s floor and maintain it, then epoxy garage flooring should last anywhere from 10-20 years on average, though some have been known to last longer than 20 years.

    If any cracks, holes, or imperfections develop, be sure to speak to a dedicated flooring installer like IEF.

    Obviously, the more you use your garage and the more stress you put on the floor, the shorter this lifespan will be. That’s why it’s essential to use high-quality products that will stand the test of time.

    Make sure to sweep and mop your epoxy flooring regularly, keeping it free from debris and dirt. You might occasionally want to clean the floor with a power washer or harsh chemicals – it can easily withstand both forms of cleaning.

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