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We Install Concrete Stain Floors

Here at Infinity Epoxy Floors, we install concrete stain floors in various residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Our reliable and well-experienced contractors have been concrete staining for many years now, bringing decades of combined experience and industry know-how to every concrete surface they work with.

We have various concrete stain colors to choose from, giving our customers a unique choice of stain color options that allow them to get the perfect shade and aesthetic they’re looking for with their surface. Whether it’s a clear grey stain or a terra cotta red color, we have every concrete stain color you could ever wish for.

Getting the perfect stain color isn’t hard with Infinity Epoxy! So, whether you’re installing a new concrete floor, staining some decorative concrete, or transforming your basement’s concrete slab with a vibrant stain color, the team here at Infinity Epoxy Floors can make your concrete stain project seamless from start to finish.

What is stained concrete?

Stained concrete refers to a concrete floor (either new or old) that has been “stained” with special pigment color and sealer to give it a unique colored look.

Concrete stain comes in various color and finish options, including a clear top coat stain that simply enhances the natural grey color of the concrete.

Concrete stains also come with various different looks and finishes, such as acid stain, helping to evoke a range of different aesthetics for different purposes.

For example, a pool deck might benefit from a transparent terra cotta stain if you’re going for that Spanish Colonial vibe, while basement cement might look better with acid staining.

Concrete floors with acid stains do look really striking!

Whatever type you’re using, the semi-transparent color stain allows the natural texture of the concrete to shine through, so it’s a great way to enhance the look of your existing concrete and hide minor blemishes, especially if your floor is in good condition already.

These transparent color stains can really make your floor a focal point!

Concrete Staining for Homes

Whether you want a concrete acid stain driveway, a transparent concrete stain basement, or a terra cotta patio, we have various products and colors to penetrate your cement and give your surface the finish that it deserves. We work with both outdoor and interior surfaces, penetrating any old or new concrete you desire.

Concrete stains for homes are becoming more popular in recent years, so homeowners have additional design options for their exterior and interior surfaces aside from the usual epoxy paints.

Our concrete stain colors are slick and stylish, giving your interior or exterior concrete the perfect finish that just can’t be achieved with epoxy paints.

Oh, and these concrete stain surfaces are really durable too!

A concrete stain still uses the concrete as its main surface material, so your floor is still really durable and tough whether you use a water-based stain or concrete acid stains.

The right concrete stain colors can add a ton of resale value to your home if they complement your design – our team really recommends checking out these various styles.

Epoxy Floors Withstand Daily Damage Easily

Whether it’s for a home, factory, or commercial premises, we have various concrete stain colors available to suit your needs.

From water-based stains to acid stain color and epoxy paints, our team has all the products you could ever need to get the concrete stain colors of your dreams.

Some of our top-selling water-based concrete stain colors include:

  • Buffalo water-based concrete stain color
  • Chestnut concrete stain color
  • Azure concrete stain color
  • Tawny water-based stain color
  • Gunmetal stain color
  • Terra Cotta concrete stain color

A few of our best-selling acid concrete stain colors include:

  • Wheat acid stain color
  • Onyx acid stain color
  • Cocoa acid stain color
  • Bronze acid staining product color
  • Aquamarine acid staining product color
  • Jade acid staining color

There are various concrete stain colors and paints on the market, most of which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Coloring certain types of concrete might be tricky if the surface is very dark, but the stain from the semi-transparent paint shows through nicely on most surfaces.

Pros of Concrete Stain

So, why use this semi-transparent paint on your concrete at all?

Staining concrete is a very popular way to decorate your concrete areas while maintaining their natural strength, durability, and solid surface, so it makes sense that many people enjoy this cost-effective way to “paint” your floor without spending a ton of cash.

It’s pretty cheap to stain concrete these days!

Cost-effective, easy, and with a fast installation, there are many reasons to try concrete stains, especially if your surface is in good condition.

Even if your cement is old and in poor condition, IEF’s contractors can usually treat the area with various products and sealers before the coloring, helping to create the greatest finish possible.

Some of the pros of concrete stain color include:

  • It’s a cost-effective way to give somewhere a new style
  • You can color stain both indoor and outdoor areas
  • Concrete stain can hide blemishes in concrete
  • The stain color can be polished after it’s dry for a high-gloss finish
  • There are dozens of concrete stain colors & finishes
  • It’s a cheaper, simpler process then epoxy paints installation
  • You can make your concrete floor a focal point
  • We use non-toxic coloring products for application
  • The floor is still tough & durable
  • You don’t need to pay for extra materials (carpet, hardwood etc.)
  • Concrete stain coloring doesn’t take much time
  • Concrete sealer can be applied as part of the process

Depending on your project and desired outcome, our contractors can use various paints, concrete sealers and concrete stain colors to get the effect you would like from the application. We always apply a top-notch concrete sealer to stop water from penetrating the surface and washing away the paint or stain, corroding the surface.

No one does concrete stain like Infinity Epoxy!

Whether your concrete is fresh or old, our free assessments and quotes allow you to discuss the different color choices, paint finishes, and concrete sealers that can be used to create your unique aesthetic. Our simple and transparent customer service ensures that you get 100% customer satisfaction from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a wealth of concrete sealers, paints, and stain color options, search no further than Infinity Epoxy Flooring!

Cons of Concrete Stain

When you stain concrete, there are many upsides, but inevitably there are also multiple downsides to consider when staining concrete too.

While there are not so many points to consider here, here are some tips on the downsides of staining that might help you to make the right decision on whether your concrete needs stain, paint, sealer, or anything else.

Here are some of the cons of concrete stain:

  • It’s purely aesthetic – it doesn’t enhance the concrete’s durability
  • Using concrete stain colors can highlight some chips & imperfections in old concrete
  • You need professional help – this is not an easy DIY project
  • Stain will dry very quickly, so it needs to be right the first time
  • You may need to apply concrete sealers and treatments before/after application
  • Epoxy paint may be more suitable for old concrete surfaces
  • The main thing to remember about concrete stain is that it doesn’t change the properties of the concrete itself – it just stains the minerals with pigment of a semi-transparent color. If your pool deck or driveway is in poor condition to begin with, staining it with color isn’t going to make it any stronger.

Also, if your surface is in need of concrete sealer or a re-pour due to excessive chips, imperfections, and water damage, then stain color may actually make the area appear worse by highlighting the blemishes and drawing attention to them. Concrete stain colors can mask OR amplify flaws in used concrete depending on the scenario.

Ideally, new concrete is the best application surface!

Whether you’re working with old or new concrete, a DIY coloring project is not usually a good idea. Concrete staining can go wrong very quickly, even if you apply the color correctly following a step by step guide. This simple-yet-challenging project requires a professional team like Infinity Epoxy that has been staining surfaces for years!

Concrete Stain FAQs

What is the best stain for concrete?

There is no “best stain for concrete” – it all depends on the finish you’re going for and how the area is used.

For example, an outdoor patio area would require a very different stain color from an inside basement floor. The area, its use, and the homeowner’s personal taste all need to come into consideration.

Multiple concrete stain colors are available, ranging from muted browns and greys to clear coats and bright aquamarines.

These semi-transparent colors and sealers come in various different forms, including:

  • Water-based concrete stain colors
  • Acid stain concrete colors
  • Polyurethane sealer mixes
  • Oil-based paints

and much more!

Can old concrete be stained?

Old concrete can be stained, but you need to make sure that the surface is free from residue of oil, paint, glue, grease, dirt, debris, and anything else that can stop the color from penetrating the surface properly.

The better the condition of the old concrete, the more likely that it can be stained.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that if your old concrete has unsightly cracks, chips, and blemishes, you may need to repair these by using concrete sealer or other similar products before the staining process begins.

Professional teams can also ground and polish your surface to prepare it for color if necessary.

Concrete stain can both hide blemishes and highlight them depending on the coloring and how you apply it, so be careful to use sensible colors. The IEF team can help with this if you’re having trouble deciding how best to mask these imperfections.

How long does concrete stain last?

Once concrete stain pigment has bonded to the minerals in your concrete surface, the effects are basically permanent.

After a well-applied stain, concrete will stay that color for up to 100 years or more, basically surviving for the lifetime of the concrete itself.

This is great if you’re very confident about your color choice, but if you plan on changing your color scheme in a few years, you’ll probably have to apply concrete coatings (like epoxy paint) that can cover the previous stain color.

Contact our customer service team!

If you’re looking for a cheap and long lasting way to change the color of your concrete and prevent water from getting in, then our concrete stain packages are definitely worth your time!

From the 100-year lifespan to the unique style and solid construction, concrete stain is one of the greatest floor finishes you can get for your pool, patio, driveway, or anything else!

So, interested in one of our concrete stain services? Speak to a member of the Infinity Epoxy team today! We can answer all the questions you might have and provide you with a free quote.

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