Decorative Concrete

Here at Infinity Epoxy Floors, we provide decorative concrete services for residential and commercial customers. Our decorative concrete, stamped concrete, and decorative concrete coatings are widely used for driveways, pool decking, patios, garage floors, and much more.

We also work with many restaurants, retail spaces, and commercial businesses that want to give their premises more aesthetically-pleasing walkways. Concrete paths and sidewalks needn’t be dull and boring – decorative concrete offers you many of concrete’s practicalities while looking much more enticing and stylish!

There are many different types of decorative concrete available these days, such as:

  • Stamped concrete
  • Textured finishes
  • Acid etch
  • Dyed concrete
  • Diamond polished concrete
  • Sandblast
  • Concrete coatings
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • And more!

Gone are the days of boring, plain gray concrete. We here at IEF offer gorgeous decorative concrete to our customers, making it easy for you to get the paths, driveways, and patios you desire without spending a fortune.

No matter what your design idea is, we can make it happen! Search “decorative concrete near me” or contact a member of the Infinity Epoxy team today for a free estimate on your next decorative concrete project!

Stamped Concrete Overlays

Stamped concrete overlays are undoubtedly one of the most popular and affordable ways to renovate your patio, pool deck, driveway, path, or garage floor. With stamped concrete overlays, you can explore multiple different aesthetics and finishes, including natural stone, complex paver patterns, and slate tiles.

However, with IEF’s stamped concrete overlays, you don’t even need to remove your old concrete surface! Assuming that there are no major structural problems with your existing concrete surface, your overlays can be added on top of the surface without any problems, saving you a ton of money.

It’s a win-win!

Many people choose stamped concrete overlays over total resurfacing simply because it’s cheaper, faster, less hassle, and has basically the same effect. The IEF team believes in top-notch customer service and satisfaction – that’s why we recommend stamped concrete overlays to many of our clients.

If you’re looking for a stamped concrete overlay by a team with many years of experience, pick up the phone and call Infinity Epoxy today! We specialize in all types of interior and exterior floors, from decorative concrete to epoxy and more. Our team can give you an idea of what’s possible with your budget, helping you to choose the right service for your needs.

Is stamped concrete high maintenance?

Although the shape makes it a tad more brittle than regular flat concrete, stamped concrete is generally very similar to normal concrete when it comes to maintenance. If you clean and maintain stamped concrete properly, it could provide you with decades of service depending on traffic.

For everyday maintenance, brushing and mopping is usually enough to keep the stamped tiles or stones in good condition. Every now and then, you should consider pressure-washing the surface with a mild detergent to help retain the original color and finish as time and weather take their toll.

Can you do stamped concrete over regular concrete?

Yes, stamped concrete can be placed over regular existing concrete, so long as the existing concrete is in good condition. If your concrete floor doesn’t have any major cracks or structural damage, it is usually safe to place stamped concrete over the top of it. A professional can assess whether or not this is possible with an inspection.

Minor cracks and visual problems might be fine – it all depends on the condition of your existing concrete surface and how much stress it has been put under. The specialists here at IEF know exactly how strong your existing concrete surface is and will instruct you on the best and most affordable way to renovate it successfully.

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If you’re looking for decorative concrete solutions that renovate your home at a fraction of the price, speak to a member of the Infinity Epoxy Floors team today! We can give you helpful information, guide you through the process, and give you a free estimate for the job.

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    Can You DIY Polished Concrete?

    Are you looking to renovate your patio, garage floor, pool deck, or commercial pathway but you don’t want to replace all of the existing concrete? You’re not alone. Tearing concrete up and replacing it is a huge project that requires a lot of money and time. Instead, why not try some decorative concrete coatings?

    Here at IEF, we install various types of concrete coating for homeowners and commercial businesses, coating your existing surface with new materials that give the surface a fresh, unique look without warranting a total concrete replacement.

    We have many different coatings and resurfacing styles we produce, including:

    • Brushed concrete
    • Stamped concrete overlays
    • Epoxy floors
    • Polished concrete
    • And more!

    Our professional contractors can give you more information on the full range of coatings available depending on the scope and specifics of your project.

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