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We are Infinity Epoxy Floors, one of the leading epoxy floor and concrete coating specialists in Southampton. We have been installing, repairing, and designing epoxy floors in New York for many years now, earning a stellar reputation thanks to our professionalism, expertise, and very affordable prices.

The Infinity Epoxy team can install epoxy floors in garages, basements, patios, commercial facilities and more. We also install concrete coatings and decorative concrete for your pool deck, patio, driveway, and more. Whether you’re after epoxy, polished concrete, or any other kind of heavy-duty floor, the IEF team has got you covered!

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Concrete Coating Experts in Southampton

Garages, Basements, Pool Decks and More

Popular with homeowners, the IEF team installs heavy-duty epoxy flooring that is perfect for damp high-stress environments like garages and basements. Resistant to moisture, mold, traffic, chemical spills, oil, and impact damage from dropped power tools, our epoxy garage floors are absolutely perfect for a tough environment.

They can withstand a lot of damage!

Our epoxy floors are also very easy to clean, requiring just semi-regular sweeping and mopping to keep them looking great. You don’t need to do any special waxing or polishing, so they’re the perfect low-maintenance flooring solution if you don’t want to worry about cleaning too often.

Cost-Effective Flooring Solutions

As epoxy and concrete coating specialists in Southampton, we here at Infinity Epoxy Floors pride ourselves on our cost-effective floors that help people to renovate their homes and businesses without spending a ton of money. Our floors are generally much cheaper than other common materials such as wood and laminate.

They last a lot longer too!

Compared to a total concrete replacement and new pour, concrete coatings and epoxy coatings are much cheaper. If your existing garage floor, patio, driveway or warehouse floor is in decent structural condition, it’s likely that the IEF team can simply repair the minor damage and apply overlays to give it a brand new look for a cost-effective price!

We Install Commercial & Industrial Epoxy

Infinity Epoxy Floors installs epoxy and concrete coatings for homeowners, commercial premises, retail spaces and industrial facilities in NY, working with clients of all sizes and industries. Whatever your needs for your epoxy floor may be, we can work with you to get a design that meets your practical and aesthetic requirements.

Every one of our floors is unique!

Our professional, dedicated team understands how the installation of new floors can disrupt your business operations – that’s why we aim to complete our task as quickly as possible, helping you to return to normal ASAP. Our heavy-duty anti-slip floors are perfect for high-stress environments, so why not speak to a member of our team for a free estimate?

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring?

Our professional team of experienced epoxy contractors in Southampton is excellent at installing epoxy floors, boasting decades of combined experience between them. But perhaps you’re asking, “why should I even you get epoxy floors?” Here are a few of the top reasons:

Last for 20+ years

Custom Flake and Metallic Designs

If your floors do not have serious issues with moisture, by adding a moisture barrier following by epoxy and poly, your floors can easily last for up 20 years or more. You don’t have to worry about the durability here. These powerhouse floors can withstand a lot of damage from  dropped objects, high traffic, bad weather, and more.

There are thousands of custom designs, colors and finishes that you can get with epoxy. Whether you’d like your floors finished in a beautiful black-and-white metallic gloss or midnight blue flakes or thinking about adding your business logo, the team at Infinity Epoxy can deliver it all! 

Cleaning is Super Easy

Very, Very Tough

Unlike carpet, wood and laminate, epoxy floors don’t require any special waxing, cleaning or polishing. Simply sweep with a soft-bristle brush and mop with a mild detergent and water. Super easy surface to clean!

Resistant to bad weather, UV rays,  moisture, bacteria growth, mold, dropped objects, and more … epoxy floors are truly resilient and able to withstand a lot of damage, hence their popularity in high-stress environments.

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Out And About In The Quaint Town Of Southampton

On the southeastern side of Suffolk County lies the city of Southampton which is not a big city in particular yet has a rich history and a small population of 56,790 people which is almost 9 times less than that of Brookhaven‘s population but still greater than Riverhead. The city is included in a shoreline which is popularly known as The Hamptons. In 1640 the town was founded when the settlers came to Southampton and bought the land from the Shinnecock Indian nation of the settlers that came only one of them was a female the rest of them were all male. In the year following forty three more families came and settled in the town and it gradually started to increase in population soon the boundaries for the city were drawn.

Town Sign Of Southampton

The whaling community developed in Southampton when in 1644 the colonists established a proper organized whaling fishery it is significant because this was considered as the first in New England. The people used to chase the pilot whales to the shore line and then hunted them because of the whale meat and blubber which were really essential products back then. The people learned from the Native American tribes and improved there techniques and soon started hunting the drift whales that they found on the shore. Not only did the people improve their hunting skills but also their boat building skills and there weapon for whaling. Along with this fishery Southampton also has a meeting house on the shinnecock hills which is the current site of Shinnecock Golf Club.

Since the median family income in Southampton is $65,144 the lifestyle of the people living here is really decent. The overall feel of the town is very vibrant and free flowing which attracts many people to settle here. The array of beaches and the green neighborhoods make the city fun and prosperous. Adding to the towns appeal are the amazing cafes and shops that are on the sidewalk. The beautiful mansion and houses present in the city get their fantastic looks from the amazing epoxy flooring service that is provided by Infinity Epoxy Floors. Our company is renowned for our aesthetic designs which add beauty and value to all the houses and places they have been installed in.

The white sand of cooper’s beach is perhaps one of the best attraction of the city and of the whole Long Island as it mostly tops the worlds list of best beaches. The resident of not only Southampton but also many other cities visit this beautiful city because of this beach and it’s warm water. The shops near the beach offer delicious treats at amazing prices. Another amazing place to visit in Southampton is its historic Shinnecock Golf club it was added in the national register of historic places and has held five US opens. It is commonly ranked as the best golf course in the world which is a big achievement in its own because of these amazing tournaments and beaches the town attracts a lot of tourism from around the world.

Southampton is not just famous for its amazing attraction but also its education facilities as there is a Stony Brook universities Southampton campus which lies in the town. Being full of renowned universities and schools the town has produced some amazing people like Mary L. Cleave who is a NASA astronaut and Carl Yastrzemski among other notable people

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