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Here at Infinity Epoxy Floors, we provide epoxy and concrete coatings for your home or business in Oyster Bay , installing top-quality floors that can last for decades with the proper care. Easy to clean, durable, and stylishly-designed, our epoxy flooring solutions are a great way to enhance your garage, basement, pool deck, or commercial building.

Our team is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction for every project we do, striving to meet your needs and make your space as safe and stylish as it can possibly be. We provide epoxy floors, concrete coatings, polished concrete and stained concrete services for homeowners, commercial businesses, and industrial facilities in New York .

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Epoxy Floors In Custom Designs

Whether they’re for your garage, basement, or retail store, Infinity Epoxy Floors has experience with many different types of epoxy resin and polymer, working with various pigments and additives to bring you a wide variety of colors and finishes. You can even add a business logo into the floor for a reception area.

The sky’s the limit with our epoxy floors!

Our standard color flake epoxy floors are popular with shopping malls and cafes for their ability to hide dirt and scratches, while our high-gloss metallic epoxy floors are popular with homeowners who want to give their garage a bright luxurious feel. Whatever kind of design you’re looking for, you’ll be able to get it with Infinity Epoxy Flooring!

Polished & Stained Concrete

If epoxy isn’t your thing, IEF also offers polished concrete and stained concrete services, repairing any cracks in your existing concrete and then treating it to give it a fantastic new finish. Lots of people like the aesthetic of polished and stained concrete – it retains that “industrial” feel without feeling too rough.

Here at Infinity Epoxy, we do it for very affordable rates!

Dedicated to customer service, our professional team will prepare your concrete and carry out the project as quickly as possible with minimal delay to your everyday operations. Whether you’re a homeowner or facility manager, Infinity Epoxy Floors can help you to install polished concrete in your local 11542 area.

Renovate Your Basement Floor

Have you always wanted to turn your basement into a man-cave, spare bedroom, games room, workshop, or anything else? As epoxy floor specialists in NY, we can help you to renovate your basement with our high-quality epoxy coatings. Sturdy, easy to clean, and grippy underfoot, our floors are the perfect solution for basement renovations.

You’ll be living down there in no time!

Our high-quality epoxy resin is also brilliant for damp and moist environments – this heavy-duty flooring is resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew growth, so it thrives in basement environments where materials like timber would struggle. Better than basement floor paint. So if you’re looking for a new basement floor that’s durable and affordable, look no further than Infinity Epoxy Floors!

Why Get Epoxy Flooring?

Our team of dedicated epoxy contractors in Oyster Bay is excellent at installing epoxy floors, boasting decades of combined experience between them. But what should you get epoxy floors in the first place? Here are some of the top reasons:

Last for 20+ years

Custom Designs

If you take care of your epoxy floors, they can easily last for 10-20 years or more. These durable floors can withstand a lot of damage from traffic, dropped objects, bad weather, and more.

Whether you want bright red metallic gloss or plain beige color flakes, there are 1000s of custom designs, colors, and finishes you can get with epoxy. You can even add business logos to the floor!

Very Tough

Easy to Clean

Resistant to moisture, bad weather, UV rays, traffic, dropped objects, mold, bacteria growth and more… epoxy floors are incredibly resilient and able to withstand a lot of damage, hence their popularity in high-stress environments.

Unlike wood, carpet, and laminate, epoxy floors don’t require any special cleaning, waxing, or polishing. Simply sweep with a soft-bristle brush and mop with a mild detergent and water. Simple, easy cleaning!

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Concrete Polishing And Epoxy Coating In Oyster Bay

Stretching across the North Shore to the South shore of Long Island, Oyster Bay is a harbor town in Nassau County of New York. It is famous for its scenic beauty, proximity to water, well-documented history, and obviously oysters. With 18 villages and 18 helmets, almost 293,214 humans are living inside it. Geographically, it spreads across an area of 170 square miles with mountains in the north, beaches in the south, and plain valleys in between.

Town Sign Of Oyster Bay
Image Credits: https://www.liherald.com/

Up until 1639, it was inhabited by an indigenous tribe named Lenape, but then Dutch West India Company bought the first piece of land in Long Island and regarded it as the capital of New Netherlands. David deVries, a voyager, first called this part of Long Island “Oyster Bay” in his diary, given the fine quality of oysters found here. It remained a disputed area between English and Dutch settlers for many years, but eventually, in 1667, it received its township charter from the English Colony. Before creating Nassau county in 1899, it was a part of Queens County but later dissolved into New York along with the Town of Hempstead and North Hempstead.

On the Sagamore hills lie the “summer white house” of Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States. In a letter to his daughter Ethel, he wrote, “After all, fond as I am of the White House and much though I have appreciated these years in it, there isn’t any place in the world like home – like Sagamore Hill.” Overlooking Long Island Sound on an area of 83 acres, this Victorian mansion has now been turned into a museum and listed as a National Historic Site.

Naturally, outsiders come here to enjoy its beautiful mountains and beautiful natural parks such as:

BAILEY ARBORETUM — Sitting on an area of 42 acres, this state-owned botanical garden is home to charming trails filled with a wide variety of shrubs, flowers, and trees.

BATTLE ROW CAMPGROUND— A camping ground in the dense woods with 65 campsites, two dump stations, and two comfort stations.

BETHPAGE STATE PARK — With five golf courses, hiking trails, tennis courts, polo field, cycling trails, and skiing trails, it is a state park along the border of Nassau County.

BILL PATERSON NATURE CENTER— A peaceful natural site full of local wildflowers is ideal for hikes, walks, and picnics.

THE WATERFRONT CENTER— A non-profit organization working on raising awareness regarding the marine environment through educational tours and sailing training programs on its waterfront.

Unfortunately, the nightlife in this town is relatively bland with limited entertainment options and restaurants. As a result, most residents prefer to spend their nights indoors hosting dinner parties and family BBQs. That is why houses with well equipped and renovated kitchens are in full demand. Especially epoxy flooring in the southern part of Oyster Bay is very common as epoxy flooring is resilient and can withstand the damages caused by salty sea atmosphere. Not only will these epoxy coated floors will last a lifetime, but will also attract more buyers. So don’t forget to add them to your list while planning your net kitchen remodel.


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