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We are your local epoxy and concrete flooring experts in Babylon , providing a wide range of epoxy coatings, decorative concrete, and concrete resurfacing services for homes, businesses, and industrial facilities. Whether you’re looking for a new pool deck, epoxy garage floor, or polished concrete, Infinity Epoxy Floors are here to help.

Our well-trained team are fully insured and licensed to carry out epoxy floor installations in Babylon , using their decades of combined experience to ensure that your flooring installation is as seamless as possible. We only use the highest-quality tools and epoxy coatings, so you can rest assured that your new floor will be extremely robust.

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Epoxy Flooring In Babylon , NY 

Strong Epoxy Floors For Your Garage

Whether it’s your home’s garage floor, a restaurant’s dining area, or a warehouse’s floor space, our epoxy floor coatings are second to none, ensuring that your space is durable, well-protected, and easy to clean. We provide a wide range of colorful epoxy floor coatings, from high-gloss metallic finishes to affordable color flake designs.

You can even get text or a business logo on the floor!

Our garage epoxy floors are easy to clean, lasting 10-20 years or more on average. Because they don’t harbor bacteria or dirt, these floors are perfect for premises where cleanliness and hygiene are important. Epoxy resin resists chemical spills, oil, traffic, and dropped tools – it’s perfect for your garage, especially if you’re into DIY.

Industrial & Commercial Flooring

Here at Infinity Epoxy, we provide epoxy and concrete coating flooring services for commercial and industrial clients including restaurants, retail spaces, hospitals and warehouses. We work with all clients across various industries and spaces, so you can guarantee we’ve got the perfect flooring solution for your business’s unique needs.

From polished concrete to metallic epoxy – we do it all!

Whether you’re looking for epoxy, stamped concrete, pavers, or anything else, our team of professional epoxy flooring experts in 11701 are here to help. We complete all of our projects as quickly as possible while paying meticulous attention to the details, ensuring the best future experience for your customers, clients, and employees.

Basement Concrete Coatings

If your concrete basement is looking a little cracked, old and tired, maybe it’s time to consider decorative concrete coatings! These overlays are a cost-effective way to replace existing concrete, making it easier than ever to give your basement a brand new look without having to make any major structural changes.

Replacing concrete entirely is a big task, believe us!

Here at Infinity Epoxy Floors, our New York team can provide a large selection of decorative concrete coatings, such as stamped concrete which is designed to mimic the look of expensive natural stone and tiles. Resistant to moisture, cleaning chemicals, and dropped objects, your basement could be totally reinvented with our decorative concrete coatings.

Why choose Infinity Epoxy Floors for your concrete flooring project?

So, why choose us for your epoxy or concrete flooring job? There are many reasons that you should hire us for epoxy flooring in Babylon , but here are a few:



We charge affordable rates for all of our services, helping to bring affordable epoxy flooring solutions to those who need them. Whether you need an epoxy floor garage or stamped concrete pool deck, our rates are low.

Every one of the IEF team is fully trained and very professional throughout the process, making sure that the project is seamless from start to finish. We pay very close attention to detail at all times.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Fully Licensed & Insured

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do, striving to meet your specific needs and desires for every project. From the color of your epoxy to the design of your decorative concrete, we’re always there to help.

Infinity Epoxy Floors is fully trained, licensed, and insured to install epoxy floors and concrete coatings in Babylon , so you can rest assured that everything will be fine and we always have a backup plan ready to go.

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Concrete Flooring In Babylon

Babylon is a village in the Long Island in New York and is home to 214,191 people. It is a city that is diverse and has much to offer to its residents. The southern part of the city is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and that is why there are some beautiful beaches bordering the city, one of which is Jones Island beach. There are some famous islands to the south of the city like the Fire Island and in the western part the city borders Nassau County.

Town sign of Babylon

Babylon, named by Nathaniel Conklin after the ancient city of the same name is a town that has around eleven other small towns or hamlets in it was once a part of Huntington and was called as southern Huntington however the city was portioned and Babylon was formed in 1872. There is also a village by the name of this town which is located in the city. The city is just 20 miles away from New York and borders Queens, however Babylon has its own identity with a racial mixup of 76.4% white, 16% African American and around 10.5% Hispanic/Latino people. It is a white people dominated city yet is culturally diverse and offers opportunities to people from all backgrounds. The average household income of the city is $60,064 and only 4.6% of the total population live under the poverty line.

The city was developed as a summer yachting resort however after World War 2 the city has seen exponential economic growth mainly because of the services the city provides. The first wireless station of the United States was based in Babylon made by the famous Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi is still preserved to this date at a rocky point in the village of Babylon. Outstanding universities like the Polytechnic University are also in this city but the main reason for its success comes from the excellent infrastructure of schools and high schools present.

This urban city of New York state has a really modern lifestyle in all of the hamlets too which can be seen from the fact that most of the houses in Babylon prefer the epoxy flooring from our amazing company; Infinity Epoxy Floors. Our epoxy floors are not just famous in the hamlets but also the villages. People here prefer our amazing services over any other company present. The amazing look added to people’s houses after the epoxy flooring is the new trend and is being followed by many people.

Babylon has many recreational activities and parks to offer to the people since it borders the Atlantic Ocean in the south there are some wonderful beaches like the Cedar beach which has a lot of adventure and exciting things for the people. The marina, children’s park and the fish museum are the most fun attractions of the beach. Gilgo beach is another such beach which has beauty of its own, the drive and summer adventure camps are something that attract a lot of people. The city is not just famous for the beach but also the islands some of the famous ones are Captree Island, Grass Island etc. Belmont state park is another famous tourist attraction which features picnicking and boating facilities it was named after August Belmont. Gilgo state park is another undeveloped park on Barrier Island which is an adventurer’s dream spot.


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